Zongo Day Launched

Muslim Groups Ghana in partnership with the Greater Accra Zango Chief, Alhaji Sarki Yahya Hamisu Bako has launched the maiden edition of Zango Day. Zango Day will be used as a day to showcase Zango communities to the entire nation and the whole world.

It is an excellent opportunity to bring together various tribes from the Zangos under one umbrella for the development and unity of our communities across the 16 regions of the country. The coordinator and founder of Zango Day, Alhaji Abubakar Galaxy, revealed that a museum will be established where history books about  Zango people will be made available to tourists. This he said will help generate income for the development of Zangos and change the narrative and negative perception about Zangos. According to him, the people of Zango over the decades have contributed their quota diligently for Ghana to attain Independence and currently play a major role in the economic growth of the country. However, Zango dwellers face numerous challenges at various government institutions especially passport acquisition and birth certificates.

Zango Day he believes will portray Zango people in a just and appropriate manner and help mitigate the intimidation and frustration Zango people go through in Ghana. Giving a brief history about the Zangos in Ghana, he revealed that there are over 100 Zango communities in Ghana which constitute over one million people. Tribes that form Zangos include Zabarma, Fulani, Kotokoli, Hausa, Baribari, Moshie among other tribes.

On his part, the co-founder of Zango Day Celebration Sarki Emir Sherif Adam also known as Sarki Gadafi called on all tribes forming Zango to embrace the Zango Day Celebration. He called on all Zangos in the country to see this initiative as a tool to tell the true Zango story.

Source: WadataOnline.com/Muhammed Faisal Mustapha