Zongo Caucus Needs A Coordinator With Connections To Bring Hope to Zongos

The grassroots members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) within Zongo Communities in the country have called on fellow delegates to vote for a competent man who has high-level connections at the top hierarchy of the party.

According to the grassroots, this will help improve the living standard and meet the basic needs of the people as well as bring hope and development to the Zongos.

The grassroots and the support base of the NDC stated emphatically that the only person among other candidates that can match the NPP Nasara wig in the Zongo Communities through strict coordination is Hon. Alhaji Babalamie Abu Sadat

This according to them is a result of the unprecedented experience and respect he commands within the Zongos adding that Alhaji Babalamie is well-known in the Zongo Communities for his support. According to the group going into the 2024 general elections to win more votes for the NDC within the Zongo Communities, the party will need a leader like Hon. Alhaji Babalamie to steer the affairs of the National Zongo Caucus to support in providing proper leadership and coordination for the well-being of the entire Zongo Communities Ghana.

They added that since the late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills and former President John Dramani Mahama era Hon. Alhaji Babalamie has used his good office to support a number of Zongo Communities in the country. They believe he will do more should he be given the nod as the National Zongo Caucus Coordinator for the betterment of the Zongos and NDC at large.

The grassroots to the NDC further described the aspiring National Zongo Caucus Coordinator as a Comrade who loves to support a grassroots member without letting others know adding that Hon. Alhaji Babalamie has what it takes to redeem the Zongo Caucus from its current state and help transform it for the better. These qualities according to the grassroots members compelled them to throw their weight behind Hon. Alhaji Babalamie Abu Sadat.

Source: wadataOnline.com|Muhammed Faisel Mustapha