The main functions of chiefs include dispute settlement, the codification of customary law, the arrangement of ceremonies and festivals, organisation of communal labour and promotion of socio-economic development. Chiefs have been involved in the development of their communities since pre-colonial times. team surveyed some Zangos in the capital and nationwide to ascertain the involvement of community leaders in the socio-economic growth of their communities.

It was observed that a series of issues affecting Zango communities is due to poor leadership to mention a few. Our research found out that, drug abuse is on the horizon; smoking of weed, tramadol, homosexuality etc is taking over our communities now.

Chiefs are supposed to be pillars of communities and have a solid foundation in tradition and adhering to the norms and values of the society. It is rather unfortunate that most of them are rather good at “showing off” during public gatherings and are either oblivious or unperturbed to their main duties and responsibilities.

Some of them portray themselves as innovative leaders, nationwide and internationally connected. But the impact of their role as community leaders are lacking. would like to urge Zango chiefs to collaborate with other stakeholders as well as religious leaders to eradicate drug peddling and juvenile delinquency in our Zango communities.

It is our belief that the council of Zango chiefs can have a round table discussion with all stakeholders including the Ghana police service to declare war against negative attitudes hampering developments in our Zango communities. calls on various agencies to step up their game and engage the youth and educate them on means of channelling their grievances to the appropriate quarters.

Issa Abubakar/