You’re wicked and heartless – Angry residents invoke curses on politicians

Angry residents of Nankese Abisim in the Suhum Municipality have described politicians as very wicked, heartless and invoke curses on them over the bad roads in the area.

“You know what my brother, politicians don’t have a heart at all they don’t care about how you feel or what is going on in our lives, they come and make promises they know they won’t fulfill it heartbreaking”, these are the words of 42-year-old Yaw Boakye and opinion leader who was speaking with as part of its 2020 project visited the scene and we can report that the deplorable nature of the road has made it difficult for motorists to ply the road at Nankese Abisim in the Suhum Municipality.

Drivers who spoke to expressed their frustrations and the damage the deplorable road have on their vehicles.

“The deplorable nature of the road is having serious implications on our finances. We have to go to the repairs on a regular basis. Our vehicles are damaged on a daily basis. This is not a pothole but a pot well,” a frustrated driver said.

According to some of the residents in an interview with, they have lost count of the number of assurances given to them by state authorities to improve the road network.“Right now people’s cars have become faulty due to the road. The road is not good at all,” another resident