“Working in branches for victory more important than following me around” – Mahama to ex-appointees

For the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to win the 2020 general elections, every ex-appointee and official of the party must get down to work within the party’s branches and constituencies as well as offer their widow’s mite financially rather than following the flag bearer around everywhere he goes, former President John Mahama has said.

Speaking at the 27th Anniversary Lecture of the NDC, the 2020 flag bearer of the NDC charged the party’s leaders, members and ex-appointees thus: “They say ‘agoro ne fom’ – the work is at the branches – and, so, every appointee, ex-appointee, ex-DCE, every person who is committed to NDC, you have a branch, you have a constituency; assist materially and physically”.

“Go back to the constituency as often as you can and join them in their activities”, he urged, adding: “And, if they are doing something and they need some help, [give] your widow’s mite; whatever little you can get, go to the executives and say: ‘Look, this is the little I can get, use it and help”.

In the former President’s view, “That is how we can be able to be victorious”, noting that such help and active involvement in the affairs of the party at the branches and constituencies are even more crucial toward winning the next national polls than jumping onto the bandwagon to follow him everywhere he goes.

“And, so, it shouldn’t be just when the flag bearer comes, then all ex-appointees and everybody runs and comes to join: ‘Oh, I hear you’re going to the Central Region, I want to come’. No”, Mr Mahama complained.

“The work you do in your own constituency and in your own branch is more important than following the flag bearer”, Mr Mahama noted.

His concerns dovetail into those of the party’s MP for Kumbungu, Mr Ras Mubarak, who recently wrote on Facebook that: “We [NDC] have to work twice as hard, prevent the NPP from voter-suppression, and have a captivating message to the nation”, admonishing: “If we can reduce the size of the people who want to be seen following JM [John Mahama] around instead of working at the branches to get the votes out, it would help greatly”.

Mr Mubarak said: “2020 is possible and the nation is counting on us to save the country from the nepotism, blatant disregard for the rule of law, corruption, and unbridled hardships. Ghanaians are looking for hope, our message must be clear. We cannot afford to let the people of Ghana down”.