TRT Africa Launches News Digital Platform For Hausa, English, French And Swahili

TRT Afrika; a new digital news platform has finally been unveiled by TRT Turkey’s public broadcaster to highlight positive African stories in four languages, Hausa, English, French and Swahili.
The platform was launched over the weekend in Istanbul in a first-ever broadcasting summit organized by TRT and African Union of Broadcasting with a determination to portray the real face of the African continent.
According to TRT`s Director General Mehmet Zahi Sobaci “The newly launched channel will bring an alternative narrative of balance, fairness and accuracy”. In his statement during the live launching, Mehemet added that “TRT Afrika will be the sole platform which will reflect the facts and realities of Afrika”.
He believed that the rich culture of Afrika, the natural beauty and the meaningful stories of the continent have been published by international media corporations’ adding that for decades Afrika has been subjected to subjective broadcasting policies of the West.
He also said “When we look at Afrika, we see the future” and TRT Afrika will give African stories from Africa and Africans in the diaspora. Putting the unique blend of their core values at the hearts of world events.
TRT Afrika strategically poached its well experienced staffs from 15 African countries to bring their unique and bonafide experiences to help in lending a loud voice to exclusive African stories, to provide unique digital contents, investigations and documentaries for the global audience and Africans in diaspora.
In the age of digitally powered information, TRT Afrika aims to become the most digitally trusted source in the continent, highlighting global stories with African significance, especially to African audiences and producing high quality to connect youth globally through social media.
TRT Afrika! African stories just the way they are.

Source: Muhammed Mustafa