Traffic Jam in Accra & Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate “MTTU”

If you think you suffer from traffic in Your City during rush hours, you are sorely mistaken! The traffic in Accra, Ghana is like nothing I have ever seen. Depending on the time of day you embark on your journey, It can take three hours to drive a distance of 25 miles. The city streets are heavily congested with commuters, taxis, delivery trucks, and motorbikes throughout the day.

The presence of Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTU) officials at strategic locations and large intersections, simply isn’t enough to contain the situation.

Despite the availability of public transportation commonly referred to as “Trotro”, a significant number of commuters (mainly middle class) opt driving the private vehicle into the city rather than Trotro which will not only reduce pollution but also curtail the number of hours commuters spend on the road before getting to their final destination. Additionally, poor infrastructure, limited paved highways, increasing population coupled with rural-urban migration is hampering the efficient movement of goods and services in the capital.

Local hawkers have exploited the traffic patterns in Accra to create an “unofficial market” to sell their products. When cars are lined up at stoplights, these hawkers will be endangering their lives by walking between lanes of traffic in an attempt to increase their turnover. As soon as the light turns green again, they scramble to the sidewalk and wait for the next traffic Jam. It is fascinating to see minors in scorching sun balancing heavy baskets on top of their heads.

Most of them sell consumable commodities such as cold drinks and snacks, while others sell detergents as well as smartphone accessories.

Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate “MTTU” and Accra Metropolitan Assembly “AMA” should adopt a system that will ease the burden and minimize traffic Jams in the Capital. – More MTTU officials are required at strategic locations in the city to curb traffic jams and prevent the streets of the capital from becoming BASAAAAAA.