The Demise Of Mufti Yarks


it is with a Great sadness and pain today as we heard the demise of our brother in Da’awah Shaikh Abdulateef Mufty Yarks

A young da’ee and Islamic public lecturer whose lectures inspired the Life of many Muslims and Non Muslim among which we are

At a young age he is known worldwide not for anything rather but foe working to Allah

Allah s w t sated in surah 41:33 ” is there anyone better in speech than he who call for the way of Allah, act righteously and proclaim that I am a Muslim ” indeed there is not

Today many people were known on media not for Allah sakes but he was known for his Da’awah activity which is the best profession

May Allah Accept his ibadaat and Forgive his shortcoming

It is indeed painful

ON BEHALF OF IPCN Islamic propagation center Nigeria WE EXTEND OUR COMMISERATION and Condolence to the Muslim Ummah and the Nation wide

This is a Great lost to the Muslim Ummah

Ya Allah You know the Best, we really needs him now but you loves him the Best and you knew this is the Best Decision.

Mufti Menk

@Mufty yarks

Source: Islamic Propagation Centre Nigeria

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