The Asare Divisional Council Muslim Chief Welcomes Alhaji Sarki Abdullah Giwa

Alhaji Sarki Massud Naaba Belemwende, The Asare Divisional Council Muslim Chief, Nii Ayi Moshie I, welcome Alhaji Sarki Abdullah Isaaka Giwa I and his entourage paid him a Courtesy call to Alhaji Sarki.

The main purpose of the visit was among other things, to congratulate him on his enstoolments as Asare divisional Muslim Chief as well as share ideas for Zango developments and business interactions as two cabinet members. It was a joyous moment of Hausa and Moshie tradition Together.

The gathering took place at Nii Ayi Moshie Chief’s Palace and it centred on congratulatory message, peace and unity among Zango communities, cultural as well as opportunities yet to be exploited by the two Chiefs.

The two Chiefs furthermore appealed to Chiefs and Imams to encourage their community to participate in developmental activities in our Zango communities adding that all goodwill come from within and not from outside Zangos. According to him, Ghana is a democratic country with a high level of respect for rule of law. Ghana is internationally recognized as a gateway of Africa’s democracy; hence he is certain that Zango’s should be treated as citizens without any intimidation.

Finally, Alhaji Nii Ayi Moshie Commended Chief Abdullah Issaka Giwa I and his entourage for the Unity initiative pledging his full support for the Gomoa East Council Of Zongo Chiefs anytime he is called upon.

Source: Abubakar