Teshie Mantse Commends Stakeholders For Successful Homowo

The Teshie Mantse and President of Teshie Traditional Council, Gbetsoolo Nii Ashitey Akomfra III has commended various stakeholders for ensuring a successful Homowo. He reiterated that measures put in place by the citizenry and the military yielded positive results and urged the people of Teshie to forge ahead in unity for Teshie to become a peaceful place for all.

Teshie Mantse, called for peace and tranquility among his subjects and further urged them to be ambassadors of peace and development in the Teshie municipality. Gbetsoolo Nii Ashitey Akomfra III made the call on Tuesday during the celebration of this year’s Homowo festival. The Teshie Mantse and his sub-chiefs clad in all white amid pageantry walked through the town to sprinkle the traditional food ‘kpoikpoi.’

Brief History

The sprinkle of the ‘kpoikpoi’ signifies hooting at hunger which marks the celebration of the Homowo festival after famine and hunger plagued the Gas during their migration from Israel through Nigeria to their present abode in Ghana before they finally got food and fish in abundance that they could not even consume.

Source: WadataOnline.com/Muhammed Faisel Mustapha