Tension Mounts Over Installation of Another Accra Zabarma Chief

Whenever violence is mentioned, fingers are pointed at political conflicts and election periods which often happens every four years. In recent times, Chieftaincy issues are on the rise, becoming an avenue of violence due to multiple installations of Chiefs in one Community or tribe.

This act of multiple installations of Chiefs results not only in the loss of lives and properties, but it also creates divisions in communities. Rival chiefs manipulate the youth to kill and destroy for their benefits. Information from a reliable source within the Zangos and Zabarma Communities in the Greater Accra Region indicate that there is brewing tension that could possibly create chaotic scenes and loss of lives if the security agencies and appropriate stakeholders fail to act swiftly.

Our source revealed that there is an upcoming installation of a Greater Accra Zabarma Chief against the already installed Greater Accra Zabarma Chief, Sarki Pro-Umar Tanko Abubakar. According to the source, the organizers and the self-style Greater Accra Zabarma Chief, one Musah Yahaya Yendu, had hired the services of land guards to protect them in a bid to achieve the aim of installing himself while the existing Chief is still performing his duties.

However, an invitation letter sighted by this reporter further indicates that the said installation will be held on Saturday, November 21, 2020 at the Kawokudi Park in Accra.

The invite stated that Musah Yahaya Yendu, will be celebrating his twenty years anniversary, this according to the source is a ploy to divert attention and rather install himself as the Greater Accra Zabarma Chief. The source revealed that this agenda by Musah Yahaya Yendu to install himself has been opposed by the elders and people of the Zabarma Community in Accra, hence his move to deploy the services of land guards.

The source further revealed that the Zango and Zabarma youth have vowed to take the law into their own hands to stop the said ‘illegal installation’. Further investigations conducted by this reporter reveals that Musah Yahaya Yendu is the Abeka Zabarma Chief and has held himself as such on many radio interviews. Also, documents intercepted by this reporter confirms that Musah Yahaya Yendu is the Abeka Chief.

All efforts to reach the Greater Accra Zabarma Chief, Pro-Umar Tanko Abubakar and the Zabarma Abeka Chief, Musah Yahaya Yendu, have proved futile. We shall keep our readers updated on further developments.

Source: wadataonline.com/Muhammed Faisal Mustapha