Successful Maulid at Shukura

The Tijaniya Muslims sect especially the youth made the headlines last week and early Sunday morning over the arrival of Sheikh Papa Lamin Nyass at the annual Greater Accra Regional Maulid (celebration of the Holy Prophet Birthday) held at Shukura a suburb of Accra.

The love for the renowned Islam cleric and the love for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) exhibited by the Muslim youth at the event was unprecedented.

Last week, many activities were held as part of preparation towards the Maulid event including health walk, football competition between various communities within the Muslim communities, full Quran recitation among others.

The great cleric from Senegal who is also the son on Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass, Sheikh Papa Lamin Ibrahim Nyass for the first time visit Ghana to be part of the Greater Accra Regional Maulid.

Papa Lamin upon his arrival in Ghana paid a courtesy call on the Vice President Alhaji Dr. Mahamoud Bawumia at the seat of government and proceed to the residence of the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Dr. Osuman Nuhu Sharubutu and later to Kumasi.

Papa Lamin’s visit to Ghana has been described by many as historic and a great achievement by the Tijaniya sect to invite such a powerful cleric who¬†prays for the country at a time when the people of Ghana are seeking prayers for a peaceful election.

The Maulid celebration was organized under the leadership of Sheikh Yahaya Amin, amid singing and eulogies for the prophet by young people aged as well as high profile delegations from different walks of life showing respect for the prophet and for Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass. Clearly, the exuberant youth were celebrating the love of the Holy Prophet and the Sheikh.

The two major political parties namely, the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the opposition National Democratic Congress were not left out at the event. Addressing the gathering, former President and the flagbearer of NDC John Dramani Mahama urged Muslims to use the Maulid celebration to embrace the deeds of the Holy Prophet and promote peace.

On his part, Vice President Alhaji Dr. Mahmoud Bawumia used the occasion to call on the youth to desist from any form of violence during the upcoming general elections. Adding that, politics is about competition of ideas and not violence hence the need for all political parties to use ideas and not violence.

Source: Muhammed Mustapha