Stop creation of new emirates to avoid tragic end–Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi warns Ganduje

Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi, a revered Islamic scholar and foremost spiritual leader of the Tijjaniya sect in Nigeria has warned Governor Abdullahi Ganduje to shelve plans to restore his four first-class emirates, which were dissolved by a Kano high court.

Kano Focus reports that Mr Ganduje had transmitted a new executive bill to the Kano State House of Assembly seeking to re-create the four controversial emirates in Rano, Gaya, Bichi and Karaye, after they were nullified by court.

On November 21, 2019 Justice Usman Na’abba had ruled that the Kano assembly did not follow due process in passing the law that established the additional emirates.

However, in a statement on Monday, Malam Muhammad Garba, the state commissioner for information, said the creation of the new emirates “was…informed by the need to bring traditional institution closer to the people in addition to facilitating speedy socio-economic development and security in the state.”

Mr Garba added that “some of these Emirate have even pre-dated Kano in ancient times, while the effort to revive them during the Second Republic was short-lived.”

The creation of the additional emirates is widely believed to be a ploy by Mr Ganduje to whittle down the influence of Emir Muhammad Sanusi II over perceived political differences.

‘Bad news’

But in an audio clip obtained by BBC Hausa, Sheikh Bauchi expressed dismay with Mr Ganduje’s decision to re-introduce a bill to restore the nullified emirates.

He advised the governor to shelve any plans to create additional emirates in the state in the interest of peace.

“As a leader of the Tijjaniya sect, I heard a bad news that Governor (Abdullahi) Ganduje is still trying to restore those emirates that have been dissolved by court. I heard he had asked members of the state assembly to give him the chance to restore the sacked emirates. So, I am begging Ganduje in the name of Allah and the Noble Prophet (Muhammad), to promote peace in Nigeria not only in Kano.

“All of us members of Tijjaniya in Nigeria are in support of the Kano Emirate and the Kano Emirate Council. Anything that affects the Kano Palace also affects us and we won’t allow it.

“I am therefore, drawing the governor’s attention to cancel his plans and accept the decision of the court which has restored Kano to the way it was for more than 1,000 years,” the cleric said.

‘Spiritually powerful’

“What is best for (Ganduje) is to be at peace with the people and stop attracting curses and calamitous prayers for himself. There are many of us in Tijjaniya and all of us not only in Nigeria are fully supporting the Kano Emirate because it brought Shehu Ibrahim Nyass to Nigeria and even Africa.

“We will never forget the good thing the Emirate did to us. So we are with them and we are against anyone that opposes them. I am drawing the Governor’s attention not to cause trouble and unrest for us. All Tijjaniya members are with the Emir of Kano (Muhammad Sanusi II). I am warning that whatever affects that Emirate affects us all and we will not allow it. Even though we are not strong physically but we have spiritual powers. So, I am calling on Ganduje to leave Kano alone the way he and his parents met it.

“The white man (colonialists) came and did his nonsense for 60 years but he never mutilated and dismembered Kano the way Ganduje is doing, the military also came and left Kano the way they met it, so he should also admonish himself and avoid trouble and leave Kano the way Allah allowed it to be for centuries,” the Islamic scholar warned.

‘Terrible idea’

“Dismembering Kano is a terrible idea, (Ganduje) should stay away from it to avoid terrible curses and evil prayers against his person by Tijjaniya followers. Even Shehu Dan Fodio and his children like Mohammad Bello and his brother Abdullahi had acknowledged that Kano is a blessed land.

“Shehu Ibrahim (Nyass) also said even though he had left Kano, but his mind was with Kano and he had repeatedly blessed Kano because his faithful followers were in Kano.

“So, I am repeating my advise to Ganduje, he should desist from dismembering and mutilating Kano and leave it alone the way he and his parents met it. He should concentrate on ending his public career peacefully without attracting evil prayers and terrible curses

“He should strive to have a peaceful end not a terrible one. I hope Governor Ganduje has heard this and would follow my advice,” Sheikh Bauchi added.