Son of Ahmed Deedat dies days after sustaining a ​gunshot injury to his head

Yousuf Deedat: a community activist and son of late renowned Islamic Scholar Ahmed Deedat was rushed to a hospital last Tuesday after being shot in the head in front of the Verulam Family Court South African News sources reports.

Narrating the incident, Thembeka Mbele, the KZN Police Colonel, indicated that 65-year-old Yousuf Deedat was shot in the head outside the Verulam Family court. Subsequently, an attempted murder case was filed at Verulam SAPS.

“Mr. Deedat was said to have been walking with his wife in the direction of Verulam Family Court at 8:30 am that morning when he was gunned down by an unidentified assailant. He was quickly rushed to a hospital for medical treatment. The assailant fled the crime scene with the help of a getaway vehicle driven by his accomplice” Fortunately, his spouse was unharmed. The attack seems to have been meticulously planned to assassinate Mr. Deedat given the fact that he was the main target.

The motive for the gun attack is unknown; however, investigations are still ongoing. The director of paramedics Reaction Unit SA, Prem Balram, is said to be the first to arrive at the crime scene; he described Mr. Deedat’s condition as “critical”.

“Upon arrival at the crime scene, the victim was found lying on the pavement face down. He suffered one gunshot wound to his head”, Balram narrates.

According to eyewitnesses, Yousuf Deedat was walking towards Verulam Family Court when he was attacked by an unidentified male assailant with a firearm, who pointed the gun to his direction, shot him and fled the scene”.

He further divulged an attempt by a security officer who witnessed the crime uphold and tried apprehending the assailant but failed as a getaway white Mazda was already parked on the other side of the street. The assailant and his accomplice eventually managed to escape while Mr. Deedat was being stabilized by paramedics on the scene”

He also revealed that after being stabilized, the victim was rushed to a nearby hospital. Mr. Yousuf Deedat was on his way to the Verulam Family Court when the attack took place. His demise was reported by Zimbabwean Media on the night of Friday, January 17, 2020; two days after the gunshot incidence and battle to survive.

May Allah (S.W.T) forgive Yousuf Deedat his trespasses and grant him Janna-tul Firdaus as his final abode.