Singer Fati Nijar turbanned ‘queen of Hausa singers in Europe’

At a glamorous ceremony in Paris, on Saturday, the ‘Sarkin Hausawa’ of Europe, Sirajo Jan Kado, turbanned Kannywood female singer and actress as ‘the Queen of Hausa singers in Europe.’

The event which took place at the emir’s palace in Paris also saw the turbaning of eight others.

According to BBC Hausa, Sarki Kado has recognised these Nigerians residing in European countries and turbanned them as leaders of Hausas in their various countries.

Kannywood Fati Nijar was among the three ladies honored with a traditional title.

Fati is the new and first queen Hausa singers in Europe.

Also turbaned were the Jakadiyar Sarki, liason officer of the Sarki, and ‘Giwar Sarki’, the “closest and most loved wife of the Sarki”.

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Sarki Kado also turbanned the ‘Hakimin Landan’, the district head of London, Muhammadu Sanusi.

Other titles given included Falaki, Uban Doma, Shamakhi, Danbury, Dan-is and Marafa.

According to Sarki Kado, he established the Hausa style of rulership in Europe “to bring together the Hausas and also showcase the tradition to the rest of the world.”

According to the BBC, Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi had visited the palace in Paris before the event and congratulated Sarki Kado for taking the (Hausa) tradition off the shores of Nigeria.

Meanwhile, colleagues and friends have congratulated Fati Nijar.

“Fati has triumphed in music in Nigeria and Africa. She gradually has become a celebrity to reckon with in both music and acting. This is well-deserved recognition,” one of the many congratulatory messages read.