Shocker: How Zangos Responded To Scrapping Of Zongo Ministry

Zango Chiefs Bare Teeth Over Scrapping Of Zongo Ministry

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has scrapped the Ministry of Inner Citi and Zongo Development after he was sworn in for his second term in office. The President also scrapped seven other ministries most of the ministries created when President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo assumed office on 7 January 2017 to help establish and give focus to his priority in developing the country.

About seven specialized ministries with Ministers of State were created in addition to what is known as the ‘traditional ministries’ for the President’s first term in office. The notion behind the scrapping of these ministries by the President is still not clear. Many were those who believe the Zongo Ministry has accomplished the purpose for which it was set up, which according to them was to win the heart of the people living in the Zangos to vote for the ruling party.

In an interview with, the Moshie Chief of Abeka Community, Sarki Sulley Issa revealed that scrapping of the Ministry of Inner City and Zongo Development came to them as a surprise when the Presidency officially announced his decision. He said the Zongo Ministry was created to facilitate the development of Zango communities which the Chiefs and people of Zangos embrace due to its intended purpose and the impact it will have in the lives Zango dwellers.

He reiterated that some Zango Chiefs including himself have intended to meet the Zongo Ministry over lack of developments within their Communities adding that the people of Zango need education and Jobs among other things that will improve their lives but not Astro turfs.


However, the name MINISTRY OF INNER CITY AND ZONGO DEVELOPMENT will be no more.

The functions of the Zongo Ministry was to develop, review and monitor policy framework for the implementation of Zongo Development Fund (ZDF). The Presidency will take over the policy role of the ZDF to be coordinated by someone who will be appointed by the President as coordinator.

Source: Faisal Mustapha