Sheikh Yahaya Amin Joins Advisory Board of African Integrity Magazine

On Saturday the 27th of July, 2019, Sheikh Yahaya Amin was appointed as a member of the advisory board of the African Integrity Magazine- organizers of the African Integrity Awards. The event took place at the sun lodge hotel in Accra, Ghana. Some other individuals were awarded for their meticulous services to their communities and nations in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. Awardees also included politicians, traditional and Islamic rulers, philanthropist, academicians, and owners of businesses.
It will be recollected that last year, Sheikh Yahaya Amin received an integrity award from the same entity and thus became an “INTEGRITY AMBASSADOR”.

On behalf of Sheikh Yahaya Amin, Sarki Husein Yusif Wandougou (sarkin faada of Greater Accra Bissa community) was decorated with a medal. Below are videos to showcase some happenings at the event. We thank Allah for this success.

Thanks and Alhamdulilaahi
Our excellence is not but for the mercies of our maker.

Ibrahim A. Ahmed
Secretary to Sheikh Yahaya Amin.

Tuesday 31st July 2019.