Sempe Akwashongtse Partners Cellsonjay Foundation to Provide Free Sewing and NHI Renewal for Bukom Residents

In a philanthropic endeavor aimed at giving back to the community, Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse, Nii Adotey Odaawulu I, has joined forces with the Cellsonjay Foundation to offer free sewing to children and elderly residents of Bukom, a suburb of Accra.This initiative also includes providing free National Health Insurance (NHI) renewal for the residents, ensuring that their basic healthcare needs are met.

The Cellsonjay Foundation, an NGO dedicated to empowering individuals within the GaDangme area and Ghana as a whole, aims to provide skills training to interested members of society, regardless of gender.

The collaboration between Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse, Nii Adotey Odaawulu I, and the Cellsonjay Foundation aims to inspire the youth to pursue skill training opportunities, thereby reducing poverty levels in the community. Nii Martey Mahama, CEO of the Cellsonjay Foundation, revealed in an interview that the project initially started in Nungua, another suburb of Accra. The objective was to empower the youth by offering practical training in garment making, such as sewing and other related skills.

Following the training, participants are required to provide three months of service to the community as a way of giving back to those who supported and financed their training. Nii Martey Mahama emphasized the Foundation’s goal of ensuring that children, starting from the age of 13, receive skill training before completing Junior High School (JHS), allowing them to build upon these skills should they decide not to pursue further education.

The project encompasses various training opportunities, including bridal fan making, headband creation, and other valuable skills. It is important to note that the event in Bukom is not only about free sewing but also incorporates the provision of free NHI and additional skill training. Nii Martey Mahama called upon other Chiefs and philanthropists to follow the example set by Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse, Nii Adotey Odaawulu I, and extend their support to the community.

He stressed that there are many GaDangme individuals with skill training are eager to contribute to Ga communities but lack the necessary support. He appealed to Chiefs and philanthropists to embrace similar initiatives, as it is more beneficial to teach people how to fish rather than simply providing them with fish. Nii Martey Mahama further disclosed that the Cellsonjay Foundation’s next project will commence in August and September. He encouraged all interested individuals to register and enroll in these programs.

Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse, Nii Adotey Odaawulu I, emphasized the significance of this project, particularly its role in empowering women and youth in Bukom. He expressed his belief that the initiative would significantly improve the lives of women and girls in Ga communities. Nii Adotey Odaawulu I extended his gratitude to the Cellsonjay Foundation, acknowledging their unwavering commitment to ensuring that school-going children receive skill training to make informed decisions after completing their education. Affirming that his ultimate goal is to uplift women and youth out of poverty and foster self-sufficiency. He emphasized the importance of community programs that offer education, skills training, financial literacy, and other essential support.

He encouraged the youth to seize opportunities presented by such projects, fully participate, and contribute to building a better future. Enrolling in such initiatives would help alleviate the burden placed on Chiefs and philanthropists by the youth.

Source:|Muhammed Faisal Mustapha