Sempe Akwashongtse joins Gbese Mantse To Perform Odadao Rites

The Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse, Nii Adotey Odaawulu I, on Thursday joined the Gbese Mantse, Nii Ayi-Bonte II and the people of Ga Mashie to perform the Odadao rites at the forecourt of the Gbese Palace in Accra.

The Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse who represented the Sempe Mantse His Majesty Nii Adotey Otintor was accompanied by the Sempe Gbegbe Mantse, Nii Adote Faamlite, Asafo group and some family members who were all cladded in their usual splendid regalia. The Odadao is a magnificent and important rite for the people of Gamashie and is performed to pave way for the month-long ban on drumming and noisemaking in Ga states to be officially lifted.

The atmosphere was charged with the firing of musketries with traditional priests and priestesses, Asafoatsemai as well as various Asafo groups who were seen thrilling the crowd with dances after the Gbese Mantse, Nii Ayi-Bonte II, had played the Odadao twin drums to signify the end of the ban.

The Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse was spotted in the crowd displaying his cultural dancing skills. Cladded in a beautiful royal regalia he caught the eye of the spectators who showered him with praises and admiration.  Nii Adotey Odaawulu I, expressed worries over attempts by some individuals to agitate for the amendment and modification of the Ga customs and traditions. He stated that no individual can amend or modify the custom and traditions of the GaDangme people because it dates back several centuries.

He urged the various stakeholders who are suggesting the amendment to adjust themselves to the laws of the traditional authorities so as to co-exist peacefully at all times. Nii Adotey Odaawulu I, used the occasion to warn the GaDangme youth to desist from drug abuse and other social vices as it can truncate their future progress. He added that the youth are the important group of people that enhance democracy and governance in any society and it is his dream to see many more GaDangme youth climbing the political ladder to the top.

He thererfore advised them not to ruin their future with drinking and smoking of substances that will jeopardize their ambition and urged them to embrace each other for them to progress in their endeavour.
He also urged them to join hands in doing business irrespective of religious, and political inclinations.

Source:|Muhammed Faisel Mustapha