Sadio Mane builds School, Mosque and Hospital for his community

Liverpool & Senegal’s Muslim professional footballer Sadio Mane has been constructing schools, mosques & hospitals in his home town of Bambali Senegal. While his teammates are enjoying their holidays, he was recently spotted examining his ongoing project works in Bambali, Senegal.

Mane, born in April 1992 is also the captain of Senegal’s national eleven & a professional footballer in the United Kingdom for Liverpool FC. he’s constructing these civic buildings in his hometown of Bambali (Senegal), where he spent most part of his life.

He has delivered mosque, school, hospital to his people as a give-back initiative. In addition to the construction of social amenities for his community, he’s funding numerous charitable projects in Bambali and across Senegal. He was reported to have donated the sum of $250,000 for the development of faculties for children in Bambali.
Sadio, a devout Muslim refuses to discuss any of his charitable projects stating that he’s doing these out of sincere love towards his people and not for any publicity. His attitude clearly portrays his commitment to his neighbourhood and willingness to help for the sake of Allah rather than publicity.

Sadio Mane identifies himself as a practicing Muslim and he’s referred to as a really humble one. along side his Liverpool FC teammate Mohamed Salah, he always remains in limelight due to his identity as a Muslim which he never hesitates to point out off.

He is an enormous Muslim name in western countries due to his excellent game that he presents in almost every match. He is often seen making Du’a before the starting of every match. He also prostrates after scoring a goal in every match as a post-goal celebration.

His humbleness and ease went viral last year when he was seen cleaning a restroom within the Liverpool Mosque. His action was applauded by the general public. It also attracted support and appreciation for him and his humbleness confirmed.