Prez. Akufo-Addo Eulogized Chamba Community Over Contribution To Nation’s Dev’t

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has eulogized the Chamba Community in Ghana for a significant milestone in their history and their invaluable contribution to the country’s development.

The President made the commendation in a statement read on his behalf by his Deputy Secretary Mr. Ibrahim Adjei at the 80th anniversary celebration of Chamba Chieftaincy in Ghana over the weekend. The Chamba ethnic group, with its rich cultural heritage and unwavering resilience he said has been an integral part of Ghanaian society for generations adding that from their origin in northern Ghana to their widespread presence across the various regions within the country and beyond its borders, the Chamba people have played a vital role in shaping the nation’s history and identity. “I am particularly pleased to note the remarkable contributions of Mallam Chamba Umar Kuta, also known as Malam Chamba, to the establishment and growth of the Chamba community in Accra”.

According to him, Mallam Chamba played a pivotal role in encouraging migration to Accra from the hinterland, promoting safety, freedom, and better opportunities for the Chamba people adding that his commitment to the growth and prosperity of the Chamba community is reflected in his efforts to educate and mentor young men and women, fostering peace and harmony among all inhabitants of Accra.

The President elaborated on the remarkable journey of the Chamba community and the countless sacrifices made by its members, including Mallam Chamba, in the pursuit of progress and prosperity. Reiterating the establishment of settlements in Accra to their endeavors in education, trade, and community development, the Chamba people have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the advancement of the nation. Outlining policies that have positively impacted Ghanaians under the leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government which have made significant strides in promoting inclusivity and empowering all ethnic groups, including the Chamba community.

The President revealed that initiatives such as the Free Senior High School program, the Planting for Food and Jobs initiative, and the One District, One Factory policy have worked tirelessly to create opportunities for all Ghanaians to thrive and contribute to the nation’s development. Adding that the theme for the 80th anniversary celebration, “Chamba Ethnic Group Asset to National Development.” resonates deeply with the vision for a united and prosperous Ghana. “Indeed, the Chamba community serves as a shining example of the strength that lies in diversity and the potential for collective action in pursuit of Common goals” he noted.

The President commended the leadership and members of the Chamba Chieftaincy for their dedication to preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the Chamba people while also embracing the opportunities and challenges of modernity. “Your commitment to peace, unity, and inclusive development is a testament to the enduring spirit of Ghanaian nationalism. He urged the Chamba community to reaffirm its commitment to harnessing the talents, skills, and resources for the good of the nation and called on all to build on the achievements of all the ethnic groups for the collective good of prosperous Ghana and work together to create more inclusive, equitable generations.

Source: Faisel Mustapha

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