Poor Waste Management – Residents of Nima

Nima is a suburb of Greater Accra. It is well known because of its popular market – the Nima market. The name Nima has its etymology from Ga and it literally means Nii’s Town. Nima is densely populated; with poor infrastructure and also serves as a business hub in the capital. No wonder can Nima not be eliminated in the list of busiest parts of the capital.

The correlation between hindered developmental projects in Nima and its population is undeniable. Additionally, limited resources at the disposal of relevant waste management agency as well as AMA is making matters worse. Our research revealed that there’s a huge sanitation problem confronting the community. Interactions with some traders on how to improve the situation lead to numerous bitter complaints about the status quo.

Some of these women expressed their dissatisfaction with the approach of government agencies such as delayed disposal of dumpsters and are calling on the government and appropriate waste management agency to come to their aid as soon as possible.

Source: WadataOnline.com/Issa Abubakar