Philanthropist Enstooled as Zongo Chief of Gomoa Bantana Millennium City

The community of Gomoa Bantana Millennium City gathered in celebration on Wednesday, July 26, as Alhaji Abdul-Rahaman, also known as Sarki Taller, was officially installed as the Zongo Chief.

The enstoolment ceremony, presided over by Gomoa Bantana Odikro Nana Kwesi Amoani I and other distinguished traditional leaders, marked the beginning of Sarki Abdul-Rahaman Taller’s new role as a leader in the community. Sarki Taller is not only a well-established and renowned estate developer but also a dedicated philanthropist, known for his contributions to various charitable causes.

The installation event was attended by Muslim Chiefs, Imams, and elders from Gomoa and surrounding areas, in adherence to customary practices. In his installation address, the newly installed Zongo Chief was called upon to view his position as an opportunity to contribute to the development of the Zongo community under his jurisdiction. He was advised to collaborate closely with traditional Chiefs and elders to foster unity, development, and the well-being of the people. It was emphasized that his responsibilities as the Zongo Chief extend not only to the Muslim population but to individuals from other religious and tribal backgrounds within the Zongo community.

The traditional elders further urged other tribal Chiefs and the community, particularly the youth, to rally behind the newly installed Chief and support him in his endeavors. Nana Kwesi Amoani I, the Odikro of Gomoa Bantana, expressed his confidence in Sarki Taller’s ability to lead by highlighting his previous role as a Peace Ambassador, showcasing his commitment to peace and his genuine concern for the community’s welfare. Nana Kwesi Amoani I praised Sarki Taller’s respectful, humble, and trustworthy nature qualities that played a significant role in his selection as the Zongo Chief. Recognizing the challenges associated with chieftaincy, Nana Kwesi Amoani I urged the newly installed Chief to extend support to those seeking his assistance while respecting the opinions and views of his cabinet members to foster community development. He emphasized that Sarki Taller genuinely cares for the welfare of the people and urged all residents, elders, and family members to support his leadership.

Speaking at the sidelines of the installation, Sarki Abdul-Rahaman Taller pledged to prioritize peace and unity within the Zongo community. He assured the community that initiatives, such as an Arabic school and a mosque, would soon be established to benefit the residents and shape the community positively. With an open-door policy, Sarki Taller expressed his willingness to assist his people in any way possible and extended his heartfelt gratitude to all who participated in his installation.

He affirmed his commitment to work diligently with the community to drive development and progress in the area.

Source:|Muhammed Faisal Mustapha