Parents in Zango Communities Urged To Invest in Children’s Education

A Female Hausa Broadcast Journalist Hajiya Humu Haira Jafar has advised parents and guardians to continue investing in their ward’s education in order to create a brighter future, responsible and productive adults in the community. She urged women to assist their husbands and play a vital role in investing in their children’s education.

The female broadcast Journalist gave the advice during the handing over ceremony of a two-storey classroom block by the Islamic Council for Development and Humanitarian Services (ICODEHS) to Rashidiyya Islamic School in Nima in collaboration with Dubai Charity Organization.

It is very common in Zango communities for parents especially mothers to waste their resources on unnecessary textiles commonly referred to as ‘YAAYI’ during occasions such as weddings, naming ceremonies etc. Hajia Humu urged parents to desist from unnecessary purchases of textiles and invest their resources in the education of their children. It is obviously not possible for a change overnight in the mindset of the people but a shift in paradigm is pivotal in achieving our educational ambitions. The point is that rather than purchasing new textiles for every occasion, parents should be SELECTIVE and reflect on their scale of preference prior to any purchases. This uncontrolled habit of shopping is hindering some parent’s ability to meet the educational demands of their offsprings. She added that seeking a better future for children must supersede acquisition of expensive textiles and other material things.

It is the responsibility both parents to educate their wards; women’s role in child’s upbringing is very significant. As Muslims, it imperative our kids acquire both Islamic secular education. Men were also advised not to take advantage and shun their responsibilities adding that it is the responsibility of the man to provide everything for the family but it is prudent for women to support their husbands in ensuring a stable and peaceful home for the family. Faisal Mustapha