Over Two Million Muslims Gathered At Arafa To Perform Hajj

Over two million pilgrims from around the world including Ghana on Saturday arrived at Mount Arafat in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform the most important pillar of Hajj.

Security authorities organized the roads and guided pilgrims to ensure their safe passage.

The Da’wa Committee of the Ghana Hajj Board were stationed in all the buses that ferried Ghanaian Pilgrims to Arafa to inform and prepare them about the do’s and dont’s of Arafa.

The tax force of the Board ushered Ghanaian pilgrims to their tents at Arafa where Pilgrims will remain until sunrise. While the medical team offered medical services to the Pilgrims.

Hajj pilgrims arrived at Mina on Friday where they remained in the city until sunrise on the second day of Hajj and then traveled to Mount Arafat.

Source: wadataOline.com/Muhammed Faisal Mustapha