Official: Hon Okoe Vanderpuje Is NDC 2024 Parliamentary Candidate For Ablekuma South

The Member of Parliament for Ablekuma South Constituency of the National Democratic Congress NDC Hon. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuje has been declared as the 2024 Parliamentary Candidate.

At a press briefing at the Constituency by some Regional Executives led by the Regional Chairman Hon. Ashie Moore stated that with the intervention of the National and Regional Executives of the party an aspiring Candidate Nii Amansah Kotey who placed an injunction on the election has decided to withdraw from the race hence there are no Candidates in Ablekuma South. This has given the incumbent Member of Parliament for the Constituency an urge to represent the NDC.

According to him, two aspirants including Nii Amansah Kotey and Hon. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuje picked nomination forms to contest as the Parliamentary Candidates. However, there were some discrepancies which ended up in court and an injunction was placed on the Parliamentary primaries in Ablekuma South. This he said compelled National and Regional executives to take the necessary measures to ensure that the issue was resolved amicably and calm tension as well as reuniting the party in the Constituency. He further stated that due to broad consultation Nii Amansah Kotey has agree to withdraw all cases against the party in court and will declare Hon. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuje as Parliamentary Candidate in the upcoming election in 2024.

Declaring his support to the incumbent MP, Nii Amansah Kotey stated that for the unity and progress of the party, he has redraw all cases against the party and has pledged his support for Hon. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuje. He added that he and his team have decided to compromise with the overriding will of the party in order not to lose the Ablekuma South Constituency to the NPP in 2024. Nii Amansah Kotey described his decision as a wise and a mature step and in the end the NDC has won.

He revealed that his team and Hon. Okoe Vanderpuje’s team have gone through all necessary discussions and formalities so as to forge ahead with unity for massive win in January 2025. Nii Amansah Kotey emphasised and assured Regional, National and all party members in Ablekuma South that he is no longer a candidate adding that the only NDC Parliamentary Candidate for the Constituency in the incumbent MP, Hon. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuje.

The incumbent Member of Parliament, Hon. Okoe Vanderpuje expressed gratitude to the National and Regional Executives, the former President John Dramani Mahama and all those who played role in ensuring unity in Ablekuma South Constituency. According the him, the NDC in Ablekuma South is coming together to unite it forces for the NDC to win massively. He used the opportunity to thank Nii Amansah Kotey for the commitment he has shown to ensure that there’s unity of NDC in Ablekuma South.

He also thanked the supporters of Nii Amansah Kotey for displaying their commitment in the interest of the NDC unity adding the NDC in the Constituency is putting all its difference behind in the interest of the party and pledged not to take the decision of Nii Amansah Kotey and his supporters for granted rather join hand and move together as well as unite Ablekuma South.

Source:|Faisal Muhammed Mustafa