No one in Dagbon should dare challenge Ya Naa’s authority – Otumfuo warns

Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has warned that any challenge to the power ans authority of the Overlord of Dagbon Yaa Naa Abubakari Mahama II will not be countenanced under any circumstances, reports.

The Asantehene made this declaration when the Ya Naa called on him at the Kumasi Traditional council during the Awukudae traditional festival celebration in Manhyia, in Kumasi.

The Ya Naa himself appeared to express his appreciation to the Asante Monarch and other chiefs who played various roles in Dagbon peace.

Otumfuo emphasised that, Dagbon Yaa Naa Abubakari Mahama II is the overlord of Dagbon and warned nobody should challenge his authority.

The Otumfuo however advised that where there are genuine matters that cannot be raised with the Dagbon King for whatever reason, he and others will be ready to listen and remediate. 

“It must be emphasised that the Yaa Naa is the supreme leader of Dagbon and no one challenges his authority,” he indicated. Otumfuo stressed “so his pronouncements and wishes are binding on Dagbon people. If there is anything on-towards we are here, if you let us know then we have a way of talking to the Yaa Naa to resolve those issues” he said.

“We also stressed that no political party could influence our decisions, so we cautioned them they shouldn’t plead to the political parties but plead to the traditions and customs of Dagbon because Dagbom we told them will survive politics because it is older than politics.”

“Fortunately we found a solution to the problems, now we have a new Yaa Naa and then we have a new Yo Naa and then a new Mion Lana, so likewise most of the funerals have been performed and the Yaa Naa has enskinned people to take positions.”

Otumfuo thanked the Dagbon king for paying him a visit.

“So today we thank the Yaa Naa for coming to say thank you to us. We did that because Dagbon is a brother to me and therefore if there is no peace in Dagbon then there is no peace in Asanteman. And so I’m looking forward to also come to Yendi soon.

Ya Naa’s Appreciation

The Ya Naa, through his spokesperson, assured the Asantehene of the trusted friendship, loyalty and brotherliness of Dagbon to Asanteman grounded in their shared history.

“We know all was not rosy I carrying out this task. There were lot of disappointments which accompanied frustrations because of the entrenched wishes both gates exhibited. But with your traditional wisdom and unfailing patience, you were able to persevere and finally get both gates to make sacrifices to arrive at this peaceful deal which culminated in the performance of the funerals of Naa Mahamadu Abdullai II and Yaa Andani Yakubu.” The Ya Naa said.