Nima Excellence Awards 2019

The Nima Excellence Awards (NEA) 2019 organized by Quantum Communications has galvanized individuals and companies for their immense contribution to the growth and development of their community {Accra – Nima & Surroundings}.

These gallant companies were honoured as a result of the tremendous role they have played towards the development of the public sector while recognizing the key functions within the industry that promote standards and excellent stewardship.

It is an annual event in the capital that showcases on a national scale the prudence, and innovation within the public sectors and acknowledges the contributions of hard-working individuals and organizations in Nima and its surroundings.

This year, the award ceremony took place on October 26 at the newly built Afro Arab Emirate Arena brought both civil servants, people from the creative industry as well as organizations that have worked to make a difference and demonstrated extraordinary leadership attributes, compassion, and humility in the delivery of services to the community. The National Chief Imam of Ghana Dr.Sheikh Usman Nuhu Sharubutu was honoured due to his exceptional leadership, humility and maintaining peaceful co-existence between various faith in the country. The coordinator of Nima Excellence Awards Ibrahim Alhassan revealed in an exclusive interview with divulged the challenges he encountered prior to the event. According to him, an event like in our Zango community is a “new concept” and time needed for people to internalize their essence for them as a community. He further reiterated his commitment to improving the subsequent award ceremony in the near future.


The awards ceremony had various categories: health, education, Sports, banking, public sector,  companies, Personalities, Media, Corporate institutions, wellness and alternative NGO, youth Activist, Entertainment and many more.The representative of the Deputy Minister of Health / Director of Administration and Legal, Ministry of Health Mr. Hamidu Adakurugu graced this unique occasion.