Nigerian court sentences woman to death by hanging

A Nigerian court convicted Maryam Sanda of her husband’s (Bilyaminu Bello) murder and sentenced her to death by hanging over two years after she was arraigned by the Nigerian Police. Mr. Bilyaminu Bello (her late husband) was stabbed with a kitchen knife multiple times in the chest by his wife in 2017.

Maryam was charged with two counts of murder and sentenced to death by hanging. In accordance with Nigerian law, an appeal by the convicted is still possible; however, that has not happened.

The trial of Mrs. Sanda gained the nation’s interest as it became national headlines. Maryam Sanda’s trial has indeed been very dramatic due to adjournments and failure of witnesses to appear in court among other things. However, on Monday 28/01/20 justice was finally done to the deceased and his loved ones when the judge sentences Maryam Sanda to death by hanging.