Niger Political Crisis: Accra Zabarma Chief Organizes National Day of Prayers for Niger and Africa

On Sunday, August 20, the Greater Accra Zabarma Chief, Sarki Alhaji Musah Yahaya Yendu, orchestrated a National Day of Prayers for Niger and the entire African continent.
The national prayers aimed to beseech Almighty Allah’s intervention in putting an end to the political turmoil in Niger and other African nations. The event also aimed to foster unity among the Nigerian Communities in Ghana, as they gathered to offer prayers and support not only for Niger but also to extend unwavering solidarity and cohesion
This National Day of Prayers stood as a symbol of collective unity, dialogue, and peaceful resolutions during challenging times. It called for advocating understanding and the well-being of their Zabarma community members and fellow Africans in Niger. The event commenced with a comprehensive Qur’an recitation and drew the participation of numerous youths from diverse groups associated with Niger and other African countries. Prominent figures, including the National Chief Imam, other imams, chiefs, and opinion leaders from various Zabarma and Zongo Communities in Ghana, also took part.

As tensions escalated around Niger’s political crisis, with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) threatening military intervention to remove the junta, Nigerians living in Ghana and abroad sought divine intervention due to fears of looming bloodshed if ECOWAS executed its threat. Following the meeting of the regional bloc’s army chiefs in Accra from August 17 to 18, it was decided that if diplomatic efforts on August 19 proved futile, the ECOWAS standby force would be deployed for military action. Niger’s political landscape was thrown into turmoil after the coup on July 26, 2023, which ousted President Mohamed Bazoum.
Speaking at the event, the General Secretary of the National Council of Zabarma Chiefs, Sarki Alhaji Adamu

Tanko Nuhu, on behalf of the Greater Accra Zabarma Chief who doubles as the President of the National Council of Zabarma Chiefs emphasized a nation’s stability wavers, it becomes not just an act of compassion, but a moral imperative to unite in solidarity. The Zabarma community, made up of those who have settled in Ghana after leaving Niger, is presently undergoing a transitional phase. As neighbors and members of the same community, it is their duty to provide empathy and understanding.
“While acknowledging that prayers alone might not immediately alter the circumstances, they possess the profound ability to offer comfort to those directly affected,” he pointed out. He further stated that prayers transcend geographical, cultural, and linguistic boundaries. They symbolize shared hope for a peaceful resolution and serve as a reminder that they are part of a broader African family, united by their shared history, challenges, and aspirations.

Sarki Musah Yahaya Yendu conveyed their unwavering commitment, both as Zabarma community members and Ghanaian citizens, to stand in solidarity and compassion, delivering a message of support to their Zabarma counterparts and the entire nation of Niger. He assured them that they were not alone in this journey. According to him, the National Day of Prayers is not merely an optional gesture but a necessity. It stands as a poignant reminder that their compassion transcends borders, and their unity knows no limits. They hope that their prayers provide comfort, strength, and a renewed sense of purpose to their Zabarma community members and the entire nation of Niger during these challenging times.

Source:|Muhammed Faisal Mustapha