NDC USA Youth Wing Condemn Police Brutality On Protestors In Ghana

The Youth wing of the National Democratic Congress NDC in the United States of America has expressed concern about the recent incidents of police brutality against demonstrators in Ghana.

In a statement signed by the US chapter Youth Organizer, Emmanuel Issah Abudu stated that the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression are fundamental principles of any democratic society, and it is essential that these rights are upheld and protected. He condemns any use of excessive force or violence by law enforcement agencies against peaceful demonstrators adding that such actions not only violate the rights of individuals but also undermine the trust between the community and the police and callsĀ on the authorities in Ghana to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into these incidents and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

“It is crucial to ensure that law enforcement agencies are trained in de-escalation techniques and respect for human rights” All parties involved should engage in peaceful dialogue to address the concerns of the demonstrators adding that through open and constructive communication, lasting solutions can be found to the issues at hand.

The US Youth wing he said stands in solidarity with the people of Ghana and calls for the protection of their rights and freedoms and work in togetherness towards a more just and inclusive society where the rule of law is upheld, and the rights of all citizens are respected.