Muslim Women In Teaching Hold 2nd Graduation And Fundraising

In continuation of its effort to empower Women through Information technology and skill training, Muslim Women in Teaching, Ghana has held its second graduation ceremony and fundraising under the theme: “ “Empowering the youth through skill training” at the National Mosque in Accra.

The well attended and heart touching ceremony had in attendance political parties representatives, philanthropists, and ambassadors from various Arab countries among very important dignitaries.

The MWITG is aimed at empowering women through skill training such as ultra modern fashion designing and Information technology.

Corporate organisations and individuals were called upon to support the laudable initiative to help the women and youth acquire skills training in order to alleviate the sufferings of jobless women, widows, the vulnerable and women who are idle as a results of early marriage as well as school drop outs.

The support can be done by way of donation of industrial sewing machines, sewing tables and Chairs as well as financial support.

The National President of the group Hajia Amina revealed that the motive behind the formation of the group is to help deal with issues related to early marriage within the Muslim communities by providing skills training for them.

According to her those who have found themselves in early marriage need to be supported to acquire skills hence the need for the laudable initiative to train them which takes a period of 6 to 8 months for them to design for themselves and their families.

She revealed that the IT training will provide them with the knowledge to advertise their products on the internet adding that the initiative is not targeted at those in early marriage and school dropped out but also for students and other workers to acquire a skill.

She stated that the Muslim Women in Teaching has graduated twenty so far having graduated twelve last year and same number this year with another batch yet to be graduated.

She revealed that the Turkish embassy provided them with ten sewing machines and ten computers which they use to train the students adding that the group has no sponsors compelling them to use their salaries as teachers to ensure that the women are given the training.

According her their salaries are not enough to bear the cost of training of the students.

She appealed to philanthropists, organizations to come to their aid and support them with any amount to help train the women adding that if you train one woman you have train the community because that person will as well train other women.

She commend the Turkish embassy for their unwavering support to the programme, the students and all who graced the ceremony especially Sheikh Mustapha Ibrahim.

On his part, the Chief Executive Officer of Japan Motors, Suleiman Kalmoni commended Muslim Women in Teaching for taking the lead to implement such a laudable initiative and advised them to constantly be sincere in whatever they do.

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