Muslim Groups Ghana thanks Akufo-Addo, Bawumia for supporting Hajj Operations

Muslim Groups Ghana from different organizations (Muslim Clerics, Ghana Hajj Research, Ghana Muslim broadcast journalists association, Northerners & Zongos Concerned Youth Association Ghana & Muslim Women Association Ghana) has described this year’s Hajj Operations as one of the best ever.

According to the Groups, the activities of the Pilgrims Affairs Office of Ghana (PAOG) connote transparency and incorruptibility have yielded a massive success in this years’ Hajj operations hence their commendation to the board.

They stated that measures put in place by the Chairman of the Ghana Hajj Board Sheikh I.C Quaye and Alhaji Farouk Hamza and the entire board saved the innocent Ghanaians and the board from the serious mess and rots by unscrupulous individuals who paraded themselves at the Hajj village in the name of securing Hajj slots for people.

This they said has been one of the challenges previous Hajj chairmen encountered.

The groups revealed that the process of visa acquisition and flight arrangement are so superb that the issues of delay which normally occurs during departure in the previous hajj administration never see the light of day.

They added that check-in from both Ghana and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were smooth as the luxurious bus was put in place to ferry Ghanaians from the Madina Airport to the various hotel of pilgrims.

The groups expressed their gratitude to the Hajj Chairman for the introduction of the Da’wa Committee in hajj operations which they believe it is in the right direction to help pilgrims with much knowledge about hajj rituals and the do’s and don’t.

They also acknowledged the presence of the hardworking medical team for their timely intervention on medical and healthcare education from Ghana and Saudi Arabia. This they describe the medical team as one of the best as far as this years’ hajj is a concern.

They also applaud the communication team for the installation of an information centre that served as a communication centre for West Africa at the most critical and congested part of the hajj rituals place at Mina (the tent city).

The communication centre of the hajj they said help pilgrims to locate their tents, relatives and lost items adding that the monies amounting to thousands of dollars were retrieve and are giving back to their owners.

“Three square meal was provided to the pilgrims at Mina and a light soup with Chicken and meat after evening meal, many neighbouring countries like Burkina Faso and Niger also had their share of the leftover food meant for Ghanaian pilgrims adding that Ghanaian pilgrims were feed with two meal every day from their arrival through their stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”.

The groups expressed their satisfaction with the performance of the Ghana Hajj Board under the leadership of Sheikh I.C Quaye in the way this year’s Hajj operation is handled and we have credited the Hajj Board with 99 per cent in its performance.

The groups further commended the Board for a good work done, adding that they will as well charge the leadership of the Board to do more for the benefit of prospective pilgrims.

According to them, the process and manner at which the board handled the issues of payment, airline, accommodation, transportation, food and the five days stay in Mina shows clearly that this years’ hajj is the very best Hajj Operations in the history of all others in Ghana.

The Muslim Groups who have observed many Hajj pilgrimages including the 2019 Hajj under the leadership of Sheikh I.C Quaye commended Alhaji Farouk Hamza (Vice Chairman & Director of finance, Alhaji Manaf head of administration, Alhaji Su’maila the Head of Taskforce and Dr Seidu Zakaria Head of Hajj Board Medical Team for their contributions towards this year’s successful Hajj.

Source: newcrusadingguide