Muslim Group, Pilgrims Condemn Oye Lithur Over “blasphemy and mockery of Islam”

Muslim group and Ghanaian Muslim Pilgrims currently in Mina in the Kindom of Saudi Arabia have condemned Nana Oye Lithur over what they described as a “blasphemous act” which they perceive as a mockery of Islam and Muslims in general.

The group said this in reaction to social media images that have gone viral of the former women, Gender and Social protection Minister of the erstwhile National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration where she participated in Salat.

According to the group, her posture in Ruku (bowing) and Sujud (prostration) is completely alien to the prescribed Islamic method of prayers or salat.

“To us as Muslims, we find these images as mockery, slanderous and blasphemous” they noted.

Oye lithur, according to the groups is a known practicing Christian who has never shown any empathy for Islam and Muslims even when she was a Minister of State.

In a statement signed by the convenor of the groups, Hajj Umar Bodinga who doubles as the 1st Vice Regional Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), stated that Nana Oye Lithur’s suddenly found love for Islam and Muslims is due to her parochial interest of vying for Parliamentary candidacy for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) for Adenta constituency.

This statement said her newfound love for Islam was the sizable Muslim population within the Adenta constituency adding that she is now running from one Muslim leadership to another in an attempt to win their trust and portray her “new image” as someone who loves Islam and Muslims.

“Oye Lithur’s real anti-Islamic personality was amply displayed by her open participation in Salat (Muslim Prayers) an act that is reserved for Muslims and even comes with conditions”.

The group further condemn her act in no uncertain terms and asked for an immediate, unconditional apology for this dastard act.

As an Islamic Scholar, Alhaji Sadat Anwan asserted that It is a common practice by non-Muslim politicians to participate in congregational prayers only when the main salat is done.

He further stated that one would have to undergo some physical and spiritual cleansing (ablution) before partaking in Salat. Adding that if a person did so knowingly, Muslim Scholars agreed that such a person becomes a kaafir. (Denounced Islam).

He said Prophet Muhamad (S.A.W) said that “there is no salat, except with ablution”. In other words, even a Muslim cannot perform salat without ablution.

He further described her act of as unfortunate and sad adding that trying to win Muslim vote by joining them in a strictly prescribed act of worship is simply wrong.

“I wonder what her covert intent is…. performing salat openly in a manner that contradicts the teachings of Islam; knowing that she is not a Muslim, even if she is, She would have been required to be in a state of purity” the Islamic Scholar noted.

“Is she so determined to disrespect and mock Islam? and the best way she thinks she could do so is to act blasphemously?” He asked.

Source: Faisel Mustapha