MPs demand law to stop ‘money politics’

Members of Parliament are demanding legislation to end ‘monetization of politics’ as they speculate that Ghana may soon run out of competent lawmakers.

MPs from both sides today, during proceedings, in unison, demanded a legislation to end what they term as excessive influence of money in Ghana’s politics.

According to them, the development is threatening the existence of the country’s very democracy.

In a statement on the floor, defeated MP for Kumbungu Ras Mubarak said the only solution to the phenomenon is legislation to check affluence in Ghana’s politics

He said what they wanted was “for parliament to enact legislation that will compel politicians and parties to disclose their source of funding and put a cap on how much individual Ghanaians running for elections can take by way of donations from individuals and institutions.”

“The USA by all accounts struggled with campaign finance laws but eventually they made some significant progress in that regard.” he noted.

Mubarak indicated that Ghana does not have to reinvent the wheels. “Leadership could go to places like japan and the US to look at their legislation, to speak to people and to take a lead with the view to enacting similar or same laws here,” he suggested.

Other MPs who contributed recounted how money was gradually making it difficult for competent people to willingly put themselves up for elections as MPs.

They demanded a collaboration between the leadership of both NPP and NDC to urgently address the matter.

The USA in 1972 enacted the federal election campaign act into law, to regulate the amounts of money political candidates or parties may receive from individuals or organizations and the cumulative amounts that individuals or organizations can donate.

Such laws also define who is eligible to make political contributions and what sorts of activities constitute in-kind contributions.