Mohammed VI Foundation Holds Qu’ran Recitation Competition

The Ghana branch of the Mohammed VI Foundation for African Oulema over the weekend held its 5th edition of the Qur’an recitation competition in Accra.

The competition aims at nurturing and motivating African Muslim youth to develop the habit of learning and reading the Qur’an very well as a guide to shaping their lives on earth to gain hereafter.

The competition was in three categories which included memorization of full Qur’an in the conventional Hafs style of recitation, memorizing of full Qur’an in the Warash style of recitation and the traditional Moroccan style proficiency in memorizing five thematic parts of the Qur’an known as Ahzaab – in a variety of styles of recitation.

At the end of the competition, Abdul Hanan Mohammed Amin, Sulaiman Dawud Tindawee and Salih Uthman Hassan placed first, second and third respectively in the Hafs recitation category.

In the Warsh category, Mohammed Auwal Yaqub emerged first, Abdul Lateef Yaqub and Mahmoud Mohammed came second and third respectively.

In the Khams Ahzaab category, Muhibbah Mohammed Khamis topped beating Muhammad Amin Saleem Saeed and Abdul Sabur Mohammed to the second and third positions respectively.

The winner in each of the three categories will represent Ghana for the Africa grand finale.

In his address, the President of the Ghana branch of the foundation, Sheikh Mustapha Ibrahim advised Arabic teachers to ensure that they monitor their students especially those with the Qur’an memorization in order to take the learning and reading of the Holy Quran seriously.

According to him, the warash recitation is one of the challenges most students encounter and therefore the Ghana branch of the foundation will ensure that it encourages and motivates the Muslim youth to become attracted to the warsh recitation adding that the people of Morocco are more familiar with the warsh recitation hence the need to encourage Ghanaian Muslim youth.

He revealed that this year’s competition was successful as compared to last year due to additional measures put in place and assured that next year’s will be more successful.

He stated that the next competition will be on regional levels with the finals to be held in Accra.

Source: Muhammed Faisel Mustapha

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