Members of Usratul Azkar Strengthen Bonds with National Chief Imam of Ghana, Seek Blessings and Guidance

By Abu M. Monor
Members of the non-profit governmental organization, Usratul Azkar, paid a momentous courtesy call to the esteemed National Chief Imam of the Republic of Ghana, Alhaji Dr. Nuhu Shaributu, at his residence in New Fadama. Led by their Founder and Spiritual leader, Sheikh Antar Shuaib Fofana, the purpose of the visit was to strengthen the bond with the revered spiritual figure and seek his blessings and guidance.
The delegation from Usratul Azkar was warmly received by Alhaji Dr. Nuhu Shaributu, an eminent religious leader known for his profound wisdom and esteemed status among Muslims in Ghana and beyond. Sheikh Antar Shuaib Fofana expressed the organization’s profound admiration for the National Chief Imam’s lifelong commitment to promoting peace, unity, and interfaith harmony in the country.
Addressing the gathering, Sheikh Antar Shuaib Fofana emphasized the invaluable lesson that the youth of contemporary society can learn from the age and spiritual wisdom of the National Chief Imam. He noted that Alhaji Dr. Nuhu Shaributu’s life journey is an epitome of dedication, humility, and compassion, qualities that serve as a guiding light for the younger generation.
During the visitation, the organization sought to facilitate meaningful interactions and prayers with the National Chief Imam to seek Allah’s mercy and guidance for the youth of Ghana. Recognizing the importance of fostering strong connections between the youth and spiritual leaders, the delegation engaged in candid discussions with Alhaji Dr. Nuhu Shaributu on matters relating to faith, community development, and the well-being of society.
Speaking on behalf of Usratul Azkar, Sheikh Antar Shuaib Fofana expressed the organization’s commitment to promoting religious tolerance, peace, and harmony in Ghana. He acknowledged the significant role played by the National Chief Imam in fostering interfaith dialogue and unity, and assured that Usratul Azkar would continue to collaborate closely with the Muslim community to promote shared values and societal progress.
In his response, Alhaji Dr. Nuhu Shaributu warmly appreciated the gesture of Usratul Azkar, emphasizing the importance of unity among religious organizations in fostering a cohesive and prosperous society. He offered his heartfelt prayers for the success of Usratul Azkar’s endeavors and encouraged the organization to continue its valuable contributions to the well-being of Ghana’s citizens.
The visit concluded with the exchange of tokens of appreciation, as both parties expressed their commitment to further collaboration and mutual support in promoting religious understanding and social welfare in Ghana.
As the delegation departed from the residence of the National Chief Imam, they carried with them a sense of inspiration and renewed determination to uphold the values of compassion, empathy, and community service. The visit marked a significant step in strengthening the relationship between Usratul Azkar and the esteemed spiritual figure, fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of unity and guidance in the journey of the youth in contemporary life.
Usratul Azkar is a non-profit governmental organization committed to promoting interfaith harmony, social welfare, and community development in Ghana. Led by its Founder and Spiritual leader, Sheikh Antar Shuaib Fofana, the organization aims to foster understanding, tolerance, and compassion among people of diverse religious backgrounds for the betterment of society.