Meet The Most Celebrated Hausa And Zongo Youth Chief Of Greater Accra

The Greater Accra Hausa and Zongo Youth Chief, Alhaji Sarki Salisu Maude has been described as the most celebrated Hausa and Zongo personality not only in the Greater Accra Region but the whole of Ghana and Africa.

The well known Youth Chief has touched many lives especially the Youth through his benevolence and connections around the World.

He has financially supported many youth associations that sought to promote the good name of Hausa and Zongo Communities as well as personally play vital role in promoting peace, unity and coexistence among other tribes and religions within the Greater Accra Region.

Alhaji Sarkin Samari Salisu Maude is among the most respected personalities within the Zango Communities in Ghana and has 100 per cent influence on the people of Zango in Ghana.

Ha has over the years been recognized and warded for his role in promoting peace, empowerment of the Youth and his ability to change the lives of many Zango Youth in Ghana.

He is not only a philanthropist that seeks to empowering the people through business but his contribution to educating and providing skills training for the Zango Youth are unique and exceptional.

One of the priorities of Sarki Samari Salisu Maude is to ensure that the Zango and Hausa communities in Ghana will continue to be a better place for all irrespective of religious differences as well as to render untainted support to help bring growth into Zango communities.

The Youth Chief of Greater Accra Hausa and Zongo Communities through his benevolence has donated sums of money to help improve Islamic Schools in Accra.

He has supported the needy within the Hausa and Zango Communities not only during the Holy month of Ramadan but at all times with bags of rice, oil, tea bags, milk and sugar just to put a smile on the faces of needy and widows.

Brief History About Sarkin Samari Salisu Maude

Born in Accra to Mohammedu Siggir (Nigerian) popularly known as Jinjiri and and Hajia Khawla Kadir English. He grew up in the grandfather’s house called the Butcher House in Sabon Zango a suburb of Accra and started Islamic education at Sabon Zango at Makarantan Liman. His Early secular education began at Lamptey Mills School, Elta International, then to New Hope School where he completed primary school and sat for the Common Entrance then to Bishops Mix at High Street, Holy Trinity Accra. Sarkin Samarin Ankara also attended Adisadel College (New system then) had his tertiary education in England after which he worked for sometime before returning to Ghana to go into business.

How He Became Sarkin Samari Hauss And Ankara

A youth group led by Alhaji Abubakar Galaxy a veteran Hausa Broadcast Journalist mobilised at the time to make a case for the need for a Youth Chief to be added to the Council of Zango Chiefs. They settled on Salisu Maude after convincing the Council over their request to have a youth leader of Zango and the Hausa Community in Greater Accra. The late Sarki Ali who Salisu Maude calls father was then the chairman of the Council of Zango Chiefs and chief of Hausas in Accra. The youth wanted Salisu Maude to be the Zango youth chief of Greater Accra which encompasses all ethnic groups. However the Hausas also wanted him to be the youth chief for the Hausas.

This and others are the reasons why he is addressed with both titles “Sarkin Samari Accra” or “Sarkin Samarin Hausawan Greater Accra”

Source:|Muhammed Faisal Mustapha