Mahama addresses Ghanaians on corruption and ROPAL in the UK & Ireland

Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Mahama has said perceived diaspora dominance in public office, and diaspora corruption are counterproductive to investments.

“We must also intensify the fight against corruption. Working and living abroad, many of you in countries where corruption has been minimized or completely eradicated, Ghanaian Diasporians who come home to invest are unnerved, when they find themselves right from our airport and seaports, having to pay bribes and tips to staff who are paid to provide the services they require.

“This has the effect of demoralizing and dampening the spirit of the potential diaspora investor. While several institutions have been established and laws enacted to aid the fight against corruption, it takes leadership and commitment to win the fight against corruption,” Mahama said when he addressed Ghanaians living in the UK & Ireland.

He has also called for a fair and universal application of the Representation of People’s Act(ROPAL).

According to him, no Ghanaian should be disenfranchised because of where he or she is living.

He added: “all Ghanaians everywhere should have the opportunity to participate in the political choices for our country. Any selective application of using only a few countries would raise objections by Ghanaians in other countries, who think they would be unjustly and unconstitutionally disenfranchised. While we all wait for the Electoral Commission’s Report on the implementation of ROPAL, we will continue to work with the Commission for the best outcome for our country.”


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