Launching of Zango United at Sabon Zango-Accra

Any community that thrives has people making major sacrifices to ensure the success of their people. It is rather unfortunate that in most developing countries, the gap between the haves and have nots is not only as a result of bad policies that not only serves the interest of politicians but also jeopardizes the economic empowerment of ordinary citizens.

It is imperative to assist one another when necessary to avoid total reliance on governments and curtail juvenal delinquency in our communities. Zango communities are often neglected in terms of equitable allocation of national resources. It is therefore extremely important for the youth who happen to be relatively financially independent to come to the aid of the community in times of difficulties.

The outbreak of coronavirus and subsequent lockdown in most countries around the world had undoubtedly affected several households in Zango communities. Sabon Zango Youth abroad made an unprecedented donation to more than a hundred household in Sabon Zango. The main purpose of this act of charity is to support numerous vulnerable and needy families within the community. Some few weeks after the distribution of rice, oil and other foodstuffs, the second batch of food items were delivered to various destitute families in the community. The timing was very crucial as there was a price hike in basic household needs during the lockdown and it’s impact was felt in not only Zango communities but across the country. Some traders took advantage of the partial lockdown to increase prices of commodities. This selfish act by some market men and women rendered significant number of households in an unpleasant situation. The intervention of Zango United was more than welcome by vast majority Sabon Zango dwellers.

Zango United capitalizes on the presence of superintendent Hussein Abdulrahman of the Ghana Police Service and a pharmacist based in the U.S.A Dr. Alhassan Umar popularly known as Mallan Baba Atta to sensitize the community on the essence of adhering to safety protocols and preventing further spread of COVID-19. Mr. Hussein on his part urged Zango Youth to be law-abiding citizens and practice our religion according to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S). The mantra that Zango people are violent is quite contrary to reality. Violence is prevant everywhere and there are rascals in every community; thus, Zango should not be associated with violence.

Source: Abdulkadir Umar/