Krotihene Nana Anobaah Nyateh Takes Over As Acting Chief Of Amanase

The Obaapanin Nana Ansaa Ayaw and Abusuapanin Seth Asamoah Asare, with support of the entire Royal Lineage of Amanase in the Ayensuano District of the Eastern Region have appointed Krotihene Nana Anobaah Nyateh to act as caretaker Chief of Amanase.

The Krontihene Nana Anobaah Nyateh will take over the caretaker role from the Gyasehene, Nana Asiedu Dartey. The change is due to recent happenings at Amanase, in relation to skeletons in bags and dead bodies found by the Suhum Police Command at the Amanase Palace.

The incident it is believed has brought shame to the Chief of Amanase Osaberima Asamoah Asare Ampofo I, who due to old age has to step aside for the Krontihene to take over.

In a statement sighted by this reporter and signed by Osaberima Asamoah Asare Ampofo I, Obaa Panin Nana Ansaa Ayaw and Abusuapanin Seth Asamoah Asare cautioned the Gyasehene not to hold himself as the caretaker Chief of Amanase or act on behalf of Osaberima Asamoah Asare Ampofo I, effective from June 11, 2023. Nana Asiedu Dartey is still holding his position as Gyaasehene of Amanase and will continue to serve Osaberima Asamoah Asare Ampofo I as such.

The statement cautioned anyone who deals with him in any other capacity aside the role of Gyaasehene does so at his or her own risk.Traditional leadership roles demand that the duty of the Gyaasehene does not extend beyond the walls of the Palace.

“As the hierarchy of traditional authority demands, Nana Anobaah Nyante, Krontihene of Amanase and Osahemea Nana Ansah Ayaw, would be holding the fort from now onwards until the royal family appoints a befitting member to take up the mantle of leadership as chief of Amanase” it stated.

However, during the Akwasidae at the Amanase Palace the Gyasehene did not attend the very important event at the palace, this among other acts has compelled many to believe that his absence from the Akwesidae was as a result of the leadership role taken away from him.



Source: Muhammed Faisel Mustapha