Jamiyyatu Shuban Seeks Support to Complete Islamic Vocational Complex

Jamiyyatu Shuban, a prominent Islamic organization founded over 50 years ago by Alhaji Teacher Adam Adama of blessed memory, has reached out to the public for assistance in completing the construction of an Islamic vocational complex at Kotobabi Down. The organization aims to establish a facility that will provide valuable vocational training to both Muslims and non-Muslims in the community. The generous donation of land by Mr. Aziz Armah, General Secretary of Shuban, has paved the way for this ambitious project.
Speaking to the Daily Democrat newspaper, about the importance of charity, Mr. Aziz Armah emphasized the significance of giving back to society and supporting initiatives that uplift the community. The donated land for the vocational complex reflects his commitment to providing opportunities for skill development and empowerment.
Malam Abubakar Tetteh, Project Manager of Jamiyyatu Shuban, reiterated the essence of being a God-fearing person and stressed the importance of assisting one another. He emphasized that the establishment of the Islamic vocational complex would not only benefit the Muslim community but also offer opportunities to non-Muslims, fostering unity and collaboration among diverse groups.
Mr. Mustapha Ankra, Chairman of the organisation, expressed his optimism about the project, highlighting the numerous benefits the community would gain from the Islamic vocational complex. He mentioned that the facility would equip individuals, especially the youth, with employable skills, thereby reducing unemployment and promoting economic growth.
Tawheed Thompson, the financial controller of Jamiyyatu Shuban, made a heartfelt appeal to the general public for support. Recognizing the magnitude of the project, he emphasized the importance of collective efforts to transform the dream of the Islamic vocational complex into a reality. Thompson highlighted that every contribution would have a profound impact on the lives of individuals and the wider community.
Hajia Salamatu Nortey, the treasurer of the organization, called upon philanthropists to support the cause of Allah by contributing to the establishment of the Islamic vocational complex. She emphasized that by investing in this project, philanthropists would play a significant role in providing young people with employable skills, thereby empowering them to become productive members of society.
The completion of the Islamic vocational complex in Kotobabi Down will serve as a beacon of hope for the community. It will not only provide vocational training but also serve as a platform for fostering interfaith harmony and community development.
Jamiyyatu Shuban’s appeal for assistance reflects their commitment to addressing societal needs through education and skills development. With the collective efforts and support of the public, it is hoped that the organization’s vision for the Islamic vocational complex will soon be realized, leading to a brighter future for the individuals and the community at large.

Source: ayimonor@gmail.com