I.C Quaye Brings Democracy Into Hajj Operations

Hajj operations in Ghana has over the years been a one-man and dictatorship affair in which stakeholders have little or no say.

Many were those who believe that hajj operations must be managed by a matured minded person(s) and someone with high connection with the Saudi Arabia Authorities to end the difficulties Ghanaian Pilgrims go through.

However, under the leadership of Sheikh I.C Quaye, the issue of difficulties Ghanaian Pilgrims go through have become a thing of the past as many administrative structures have been put in place to ensure that the basic needs of the Pilgrims are met.

One of the strongest Pilar in Hajj Operations introduced by Sheikh I.C Quaye is to solicit views and opinions of pilgrims.
To this end, the Welfare Department of the Ghana Hajj Board over the weekend met with Pilgrims at all the 13 Ghanaian hotels to deliberate on the success and the challenges the Pilgrims encountered during the hajj pilgrimage.

The objective of the meeting between the welfare department and the pilgrims was to provide solutions to make next year’s and subsequent hajj operations more successful.

The Chairman of the Welfare Department, Dr Sheikh Aminu Bonsu expressed his satisfaction over how Pilgrims embraced the new initiative put in place by the Chairman of the Board Sheikh I.C Quaye to solicit views and opinions with the major stakeholders (the Pilgrims).

Major concerns raised by Pilgrims included the participation of aged people in hajj pilgrimage as well as the deployment of many health workers during the hajj.

The stakeholders’ (Pilgrims) appealed to the board to create additional washrooms for the aged and also increase the washrooms in Mina to avoid overcrowding.

This, Dr Aminu Bonsu, promised that the board in its next Hajj Conference with the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will also appeal for an extension of the toilet facilities in Mina to ensure the welfare of all Ghanaian Pilgrims including the aged.

However, a free medical screening was organized for Pilgrims at all the 13 hotels by the welfare department Chairman, who doubles as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Amen Scientific Hospital.

On his part, the Deputy in charge of Welfare Alhaji Aminu Abu revealed that free health screening is the first of its kind in the history of Hajj Pilgrimage under the able leadership of Sheikh I.C Quaye.
Ghana, he said is the only country to introduce free health screening into its hajj operations.

He added that the Welfare Department has helped Pilgrims in diverse ways like making sure the hajj board leadership gets to know pilgrims so as to add their voices into this year’s hajj operation.

He assured the Pilgrims that their concerns and advice will be addressed as the Chairman of the board is a listening Chairman who respects views and opinions of the ordinary Ghanaian.

The Pilgrims expressed their profound gratitude to the Chairman of the Welfare Department and the Chairman of the Hajj Board for involving them in decision making to improve on the next year’s operations.

According to the Pilgrims, this year’s hajj operations have been the most successful in the history of hajj in Ghana. Adding that measures put in place by the hajj board are excellent and prayed that the board continues with its good and perfect performance in the next year’s hajj operations.

Source: wadataonline.com/Muhammed Faisal Mustapha