How U.S Airport authorities detained Ken Agyapong for 6 hours over Ahmed Suale murder

Authorities at Houston Airport detained New Patriotic Party Member of Parliament for Assin Central the Hon. Kennedy Agyapong for several hours over the death of journalist Ahmed Suale when he (Kennedy) landed for business in the United States last week.

In an interview monitored by, Kennedy Agyapong himself admitted to his brief detention for more than 6 hours to answer questions about the death of Ahmed Suale, a protegé of Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

“I was detained for over five hours, I entered there around 3 and left around 8…,” he said, vowing to “drag Anas to the bottom of hell”.

“They asked me to sit step aside and ordered me to come in as they asked of my involvement in the death of Ahmed Suale…they said I directed people to beat him up which I answered that the fact that I asked people to beat him up didn’t mean I ordered his death…” he narrated.

According to him, they asked him if he wanted to call the Ambassador, and he told them “hell no” because he has committed no crime. He said the action has emboldened him to tear down “criminal” Anas whom he accused of blackmail.

The US Congress and FBI were allegedly petitioned by Anas following the murder which the Assin NPP MP has said he knows nothing about.

The Assin-Central MP himself offered a ¢100,000 reward to anyone who will volunteer information that would lead to the arrest of the killers of the investigative journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Suale.

Kennedy Agyapong who has been accused of masterminding the killing of Ahmed, says he is making the offer because his reputation is at stake.

Speaking on Net2 TV, the legislator at the time, he said “It’s a human being that has died, no matter the mistake he has made, he has the right to live”.

“What I want to do is, anyone who can give information to assist in the arrest of the suspects will receive ¢100,000 from me because it’s my reputation on the line,” he added.

He said in an interview with Accra-based Neat FM that he has no reason to kill the journalist who was a key member of the Tiger Eye PI firm.

“The guy has not offended me in any way. When I was premiering ‘Who watches the watchman’, somebody told me I knew the guy because I had once given him money for his school fees, so, I told my staff not to allow him into my building again because he is a bad boy and that If he comes around, they should beat him up because he will come and secretly set cameras in the building,” he said.