Ho: Security Council Locks Central Mosque due to brewing tension over Regional “Imamship”

The Ho Municipal Security Council has locked the Ho Central Mosque for two weeks while litigation over the Regional Imam position was being settled.The lockdown covers the area surrounding the building; a decision Mr. Alexander Yeboah, Municipal Police Commander, said was to prevent clashes between the two factions.

The site had been open while the year-long litigation simmered but following a failed peace attempt recently, the Security Council has decided to restrict access completely. The Police had to rush in on Friday to seal off the place when the supporters of Alfa Anas defied the order and made their way to the mosque to pray.

“We went there to maintain peace and to ensure the orders given by the Security Council and the Regional Police Commander were adhered to.” “The place must be under lock to prevent a possible clash,” Mr Yeboah said.

The disagreement over religious leadership has divided the Muslim community in the Regional capital and turned the Central Mosque into a security zone to avert clashes. Despite the lock, a fraction decided to observe their Friday prayers in the precinct of the Mosque. The case is currently before the Ho High Court, while both sides continue to lay claim to the position.

The demise of Alhaji Umoro Danjimah Hamzah, the former Regional Chief Imam, marked the start of tensions, as a section of the community held that Alhaji Alfa Hamid, who deputised for the deceased should be allowed to assume the substantive position until a new regional Imam, Alhaji Muniru Ali was installed, giving the way for the sharp division and factionalism in Ho Zongo.

Togbe Afede XIV, the Agbogbomefia of Asogli State is meeting the factions in the matter on Sunday to chart a way forward for peace to prevail.