Heavy Rain in The Capital: Danger To Mallam Market, Nkrumah Circle and Odawna

Major trading areas like Nkrumah Circle, Odawna, Mallam Market in Accra at stand-still due to last night’s heavy downpour which resulted in lost of lives and properties. A body a male said to have been electrocuted during last night’s downpour has been retrieved from a home at Odawna.┬áMallam Junction and Market are equally flooded and nearby houses are not spared either. The rainy season has created uncertainty in vulnerable neighbourhoods and this is just the beginning of the season.┬áSome places we visited earlier in the day confirmed the severity of the flooding within the capital. There is no doubt about the impact of the flood on families residing in areas with a poor drainage system.

Due to choked gutters and inadequate channel of waterways, the flood easily carried away cars and other valuable properties. Some attribute the current situation to poor city planning and lax policies on waste management and disposal but our action of careless disposal of wastes can not be ignored.

Source: wadataonline.com/Issa Abubakar