Hajj 2019: Pilgrims arrive in Mina Ahead of Arafah

About 6000 Ghanaian Pilgrims have arrived in Mina (tent city) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to commence this years’ hajj pilgrimage.

The departure of Pilgrims from their various hotels from Mecca to Mina was smooth as several buses were deployed to ferry the Pilgrims to Mina ahead of Arafa.

Arafah which is the pillar of Hajj and one of the most important rituals of Hajj.

All pilgrims are in the state of Irham With the intention of Hajj and in a state of purity towards the attainment of mercy from Allah here in this world and the hereafter.

With the assistance of officials of pilgrims Affairs Office of Ghana and the security Assistance team, have evacuated all Ghanaian pilgrims to Mina in comfortable buses and their arrival at Mina Ghana camp 43 and 44 was given the same attention and no incident of pilgrim lost and inconveniences were recorded.

All the important institutions of the Hajj board have been strategically placed for the full comfort of Pilgrims at the various Tents within the camp and notable departments are medical team clinics, communications Center, Hajj agents auditorium, officials room, welfare desk and many others.

Pilgrims were convened on August 10, 2019, to Arafah, Mudzalifah and back to Mina/ Jamarat respectively.

Source: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha