Greater Accra Zango Chief Meets Journalists Of Zango Descent

On Thursday, March 10 2022, selected cabinet members of the Greater Accra Zongo Chief met with journalists of Sabon Zongo descent who are working in various media agencies across the Greater Accra Region. The meeting was for the cabinet members of the Palace to familiarize themselves with the Journalists and to create a formidable force among the Journalists within Sabon Zongo as well as to encourage them (the Journalists) to propagate the great history of the Zongos and to further showcase Zongo communities to the globe.

The meeting was also aimed at acknowledging the efforts of Journalists of Sabon Zongo descent in a bid to empower and assure them of the Palace’s support for them to do more for the benefit of the communities. The cabinet members encouraged the Journalists to do their very best to help change the narrative of the Zongo people and report on issues that seek to build the good image of Zongo communities in Ghana. The Journalists also used the opportunity to interact with the cabinet members and share ideas on the way forward to help reduce drug peddling within the Sabon Zongo communities.

Other issues discussed included sanitation, education, revenue mobilization and discipline which is believed to be the backbone of the development of every community. The journalists expressed gratitude to the Palace for the acknowledgment of their roles and the opportunity given them to contribute their quota towards the development of the communities they were born and bred in.

Source: Faisal Mustapha