Greater Accra Zongo Chief Calls For Unity

The Greater Accra Zongo Chief Alhaji Dr. Yahaya Hamisu has called on Zango Communities across the country to coexist peacefully with foreigners living among them for the growth and development of their communities.

The Marafa of the Greater Zongo Chief Alhaji Imurana Bako speaking on behalf Sarki Dr. Yahaya Hamisu Boko after the annual Eid Ul Fitr procession, also called on the youth to respect their elders and make use of their advice in order to step into their shoes when the time is due. He further urged the people of Sabon Zongo not to use shortcut means to get rich but rather work hard and wait for the appropriate time adding that they should not do overtaking. Mallam Imurana Adamu Bako revealed that the major challenge confronting the Zongo Communities is citizenship recognition at some institutions like National Identification Authority, Passport Office among others. He called on the government to call those institutions to order as Hausa people are Ghanaians adding that they were part of the fight for the country’s Independence.

The 2023 Greater Accra Eid Ul Fitr procession was arranged in accordance with tribal Chiefs such as the Chief and elders of Kabawa community in Greater Accra, followed by the Sabon Zongo Moshie Chief, Naaba Tigri with Greater Accra Zanfara Chief next also followed by the Cabinet members of Greater Accra Zango Chief. This year, the Greater Accra Zongo Chief Sarki Dr. Yahaya Hamisu Bako assigned members of his cabinet to join other tribal Chiefs in the procession due to the demise of the Waziri who is the next in command at the palace.

The Marafa revealed that there was a decision by the Cabinet to put on hold the procession but the cabinet considered the fact that people have invested and made preparation for the event: thus, it will be unfair to put it on hold. This he said compel the Chief to step aside for his cabinet members to represent him at the program.

Source:|Muhammed Faisal Mustapha