Greater Accra Zabrama Chief Turbines New Cabinet

As part of efforts to improve the well-being of the Zabarma Communities, the Greater Accra Zabarma Chief who doubles as the President of the Ghana Zabarma Association, Alhaji Pro-Umar Abubakar Tanko, on Sunday October 10, 2021, turbines 4 members to spearhead the activities of the Zabarma communities in the Greater Accra Region.

The ceremony aimed at ensuring the well-being of the Zabarma people in Ghana, promoting peace and unity and projecting their interests under the formidable and vibrant leadership of Alhaji Sarki Pro-Umar Abubakar Tanko.The team was mandated to join other cabinet members in coordinating the activities of the palace and share ideas with the Chief towards the development of the Zabarma communities in Accra.

Addressing the new cabinet members, the Chief of Anyaa Zango Sheikh Mohammed Jibril Sissy, tasked the members to serve the people and not vice versa. The members were also urged to be respectful to all Chiefs and be submissive to the elders of all the tribes in the country as that will help them in making the Greater Accra Zabarma throne attractive and popular. The new cabinet members were urged to work selflessly to improve the living standards of the Zabarma people especially the vulnerable.

The Imam of the Palace, Imam Hamza Osman reminds them that taking the position of cabinet member means that one is swearing an oath to serve his community and encourage them to use their position to work in the interest of the people and not for personal gains. The Imam stated that a very difficult task lies ahead of them and urged them not to hesitate to consult older cabinet members or the Greater Accra Zabarma Chief to seek advice whenever they find themselves in a difficult situation and wish them well in their new endeavor.

The Waziri of the Greater Accra Zabarma Chief who doubles as the security advisor to the Chief, Alhaji Musah Fuseini (Soroko) urged the new cabinet members to respect the views and opinions of each other and treat all their subjects equally so as to succeed in achieving their aims and objectives. Alhaji Musa Soroko is also the National organizer of the Ghana Zabarma Association; he also urged them to emulate the good deeds of the Greater Accra Zabarma Chief and wish them well and Allah’s blessings in their new appointment. Alhaji Musa called on them to see themselves as ambassadors for the promotion and protection of the interest of the Zabarma communities not only in Accra but anywhere they find themselves.

The new cabinet members include, Faisal Sa’adu, Sarkin Bai; Labaran Munkaila, Wakili; Ismail Dawud, Wambai and Mubarak Pro-Umar Abubakar Tanko, Yerima.

Source: Faisel Mustapha